Your Website is like a Well-Oiled Machine...

Why you absolutely need a maintenance plan for your website.

So, you finally invested into a website for your growing company. Congrats! After all, a solid web presence can make or break you (or so you’ve been told). What will really break you is when your beautiful new website crashes on Saturday and you don’t find out until Monday when you read a customer’s email informing you about the big 404 error when they click the link in the newsletter you sent out on Friday COB. Yikes! What now?

The look on your face might be as blank as your website...but there’s no time to waste! Your site needs to be back online NOW. You’re losing customers and money by the minute. But, what now?

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Logo Questionnaire

clipboard wow logo questionnaire survey imageGot Questions?

Asking the right questions can really help get your project off to a good start.

If you're considering updating your current logo, or creating a new one for a new business, download our free logo questionnaire.

Whether WoW! Graphic Designs creates your logo, or another firm, or even your nephew, Jimmy is your designer of choice, the questionnaire may be useful to you in your planning.

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Get professional results with your Content Management System.

Many people are using content management systems to create, maintain and update their own websites. While this, in theory, seems like a great idea, often the results are less than professional-looking. While mismatched fonts, spacing and inconsistent headlines, along with pixelated photos may still look ok to you, the overall impression of the site becomes degraded.

Here are some practical tips to make your CMS application give your site more professional results and a better overall impression.

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Why your web graphic doesn't print well on paper

Cleaning up the 'fuzzies'

A professional graphic designer can help you design and optimize your graphics for professional final output in whatever medium you choose.

A client of mine once said, "I'd like to be able to use the same graphic online as offline and in print, if that makes any difference." She went on, "I don't understand why web graphics don't seem to print well sometimes, but I'm sure there's a good reason."

There is a good reason--actually there are a few. I will try to explain.

Web graphics are optimized for screen viewing, therefore limited to a screen resolution of 72 dpi (dots per inch). Anything else is overkill and makes for longer load times, the death wish of a web site.

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